Let’s say everything about the weekend of Oct 4th was life changing. It started out as a vision 3 years ago when a time we were struggling, my girlfriend and I promised ourselves no matter what-  we will Crave Life. Nothing would stop us from making an impact. All we wanted to do is Crave Life and explore all the corners of the world

For 3 years we brainstormed how we could make an impact on kids' lives that were more unfortunate so they too could experience the life most people Crave, a happy loving adventurous life. We want to help the troubled home life, lack of love, little acceptance or maybe no family or child life at all. So we want to help, by inspiring every kid with something you and them both can wear. It’s up to them to Crave Life if given the map, then they have control of how to respond to what life gives them. 

That’s our mission.

How do we grow, fund and inspire kids across the country?

We’re creating leather patches to sew on hats, designs for shirts or bags, plus outdoor cups and tumblers that remind everyone to “Crave life” We work with non profit organizations that connect 1:1 with kids in need daily.

This will be the vehicle that will impact kids FOREVER.



Our Impact

All around the country, we are able to take people fighting for their lives on unique inspiring trips and adventures personalized to their favorite hobbies. Adventures can include helicopter rides, trampoline parks, dirt track racing, train rides, fishing, hunting,trips to the zoo, professional sporting events, bowling and more. Every time we create an experience a child with an adventure, we witness the massive positive impact it has on the children and their family.

The mission is to take kids and give them an adventure, an experience they will Never forget. 



Importance of Crave Life Retreats

Children and young adults go through a lot and what’s better than a crew of like minded people together sharing an amazing adventure together, they need more than just medicine, a track record and a diagnosis. These retreats will motivate and can impact a child’s life by  significantly Increasing love, compassion and creativity, decrease stress levels and build

Leadership and teambuilding skills and positivity that improves their daily life. We are in demand of more mentors, when you are ready to take a kid on an adventure apply here and take a kid on an adventure!

At Crave life, we are committed to providing this opportunity for children by creating adventures they will never forget.